2 NWT cabinet ministers facing non-confidence votes

Legislative Assembly of the NWT.

Members of the 18th Legislative Assembly are to decide the fate of two cabinet ministers on Wednesday.

Non-confidence motions have been tabled for both Health and Social Services Minister Glen Abernethy and Industry Tourism and Investment Minister Wally Schumann.

Kam Lake MLA Kieron Testart introduced the motion against Schumann.

“The motion is to remove cabinet status from the minister. The motion will be brought forward and debated. Votes will be cast and if the majority of the house agrees then the minister will no longer be the minister,” explained Testart.

He added, “Minister Schumann has mishandled the Marine Transportation Services file to a very serious degree.”

Nunakput MLA Herb Nakimayak questioned Schumann about the fuel shipment to  Paulatuk last week. Regular members say Schumann was heavy handed towards them in Question Period.

ITI Minister Wally Schumann

“These were legitimate questions being asked,” said Testart, regarding Schumann’s handing of the MTS file so far.

MTS was originally known as the Inuvialuit owned NTCL barging company, based out of Hay River which is also part of Schumann’s constituency.

Health Minister Glen Abernethy has been under fire after last week’s  scathing auditor report about the poor way the government has handled children in foster care.

That motion was introduced in the Legislative Assembly by Nahendeh MLA Shane Thompson.

Health Minister Glen Abernethy

“This minister (Abernethy) has been in charge of this department since the last Assembly. He said he was going to move forward and make things better. Well the audit shows that things didn’t get better, they actually got worse,” Thompson told CKLB on Monday, after introducing the motion against Abernethy.

Abernethy and Schumann both say they welcome the opportunity to defend their records as cabinet ministers.

“Well I sort of heard this was coming, you never know. But, now that it is on the floor of the house I’m glad to hear what they have to say in the Assembly on Wednesday. Both of us are hardworking ministers, but so is all of cabinet,” added Schumann.



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