Tlicho Winter Road now open to traffic to Whati

Whati Winter Road (Courtesy of Tlicho Government)

Travelling in and out of Whati just got a whole lot easier.

The Tlicho Winter Road to Whati officially opened at 2:00 pm Friday.

The road is open for vehicles weighing up to 8,000 kilograms, according to the territorial government’s department of infrastructure, which oversees the NWT transportation systems.

Motorists are advised to watch for depressions on the ice on Marian Lake at kilometre 23 and kilometre 25 in the southbound lane.

There is also heavy equipment working between kilometre 43 and kilometre 54 in the Rat Lake area.

Drivers are also being warned to watch for soft areas along edges on portages and they are reminded as well that the speed limit on the winter road is 50 kilometres an hour.

Meanwhile, the winter roads to Gamètı̀ and Wekweètı̀ are currently under construction.

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