Taxpayer-funded lawyer ordered for Fort Good Hope murderer

Fort Good Hope © DMCA | GNWT

A convicted Fort Good Hope murderer will get a court-appointed, taxpayer-funded lawyer to help him appeal his adult sentence.

22-year-old Kennan McNeely was about a month shy of his 18th birthday when he killed Charlotte Lafferty in Fort Good Hope in March of 2014.

Even though he was technically a youth when he committed his crime, he was sentenced as an adult – life in prison with no parole for at least ten years.

McNeely appeared in court the Court of Appeal in Yellowknife via video Monday from the Edmonton Institution where he is serving his sentence.

McNeely had earlier been turned down by legal aid for a lawyer but Judge Shannon Smallwood ruled yesterday that the court must appoint him one for his appeal.

He says he can’t afford one himself.

McNeely is arguing that her never should have been sentenced as an adult, and that he should be allowed to serve out his sentence in the Northwest Territories.

The two sides will reconvene in January to see if a lawyer has been appointed for McNeely.

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