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It’s small business week in the NWT. Health and fitness coach Jennie Vandermeer has taken her Norman Wells based business and expanded to the rest of Canada. Everrrr Sexy Health Coaching uses Facebook to reach out to perspective clients. The McKenzie Valley Fiber Optic Line and its super fast internet speed will open more online business opportunities for northerners

Jennie operates her business out of Norman Wells but has clients across Canada.

“I primarily work with women in the NWT but I’ve since expanded and have clients across Canada”

One challenge for people living in the north is the high cost of fresh fruits and vegetables but Jennie says that she encourages using frozen fruits and vegetables as they retain their nutritional value far better.

“Frozen fruits and vegetables often have more nutritional value than the fresh fruits and vegetables. The fresh vegetables are picked early and ripen on their way up here. Frozen is more nutritional and more convenient”

Country foods like caribou and moose are far better for us says Vandermeer.

“We try to use country foods, it’s the best food out there for you”

Check out Jennie’s Everrrr Sexy Health Coaching Facebook page

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