Sachs Harbour to get new diesel power plant

Michael McLeod in Inuvik Monday from his Facebook page

The northern NWT community of Sachs Harbour is in line for a new diesel power-generating plant.

Earlier this week in Inuvik, Northwest Territories MP Michael McLeod announced $7.4 million in federal funding for the project while the territorial government will chip-in $2.4 million.

The current diesel plant is decades-old and McLeod says that the construction of a new plant will ensure local residents and businesses will have a reliable source of energy into the future.

McLeod adds that the new plant will also be able to adapt to impacts of climate change while updating several operational elements such as electrical equipment, heating systems and indoor fuel storage tanks.

The new facility’s design will allow for the addition of a wind turbine in the future, which is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the region.

This new reliable energy source is designed to generate enough power to meet the needs of residents in the community for years to come.

“Infrastructure is the foundation of strong and resilient communities. The construction of the new Sachs Harbour Diesel Power Plant will provide the community with an efficient and reliable source of energy, safeguarding the environment and well-being of northerners in the area,” said McLeod. 

Robert C. McLeod, the Minister Responsible for the NWT Power Corporation says the new plant will be a game changer for the residents of the remote community.

“The new Sachs Harbour Diesel Power Plant is expected to result in a greenhouse gas savings of 283 tonnes and improve fuel efficiency by 18% compared with the existing plant,” McLeod said “This transformative project is in line with the Government of the Northwest Territories commitment to work with our partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and explore local energy alternatives.”

It’s not entirely clear when construction on the new plant will begin.

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