PTSD in northern communities

Raymond Pidzamecky at CKLB Radio

When we think of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) we think about war veterans. Raymond Pidzamecky spoke with us about PTSD and our indigenous communities in the north.

PTSD is the result of multiple traumas happening to one person. For indigenous people, Raymond Pidzamecky believes that there are three traumatic events that may be the cause of the PTSD that many indigenous people suffer from, colonialization, residential school and, intergenerational trauma.

“We know that a significant number or a majority of residential school students had experienced trauma that resulted in PTSD and that PTSD followed them afterwards as they started their own families and came down through the generations”

Pidzamecky is one of a team of special counsellors and social workers who are registered with Health Canada to give individual or family counselling to help survivors to find ways to heal from Indian Residential School experiences.

To find out more about the Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program check out their webpage:


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