Petition Launched for Action on the Future of Aurora College

With the future of Aurora College social work and teaching programs up in the air and a full review underway, many in Fort Smith worry about the future of the school’s Thebacha campus.

Fort Smith resident and former Northern Journal Publisher Don Jacque has presented a petition with two hundred signatures to town council calling for action on the future of Aurora College.

That action could be a number of things including upgrading old buildings and building a daycare center, but Jacque says the main goal is to get the mayor, council and MLA Louis Sebert united.

It’s an attempt to get the mayor and council motivated and get the MLA motivated, and get those two working together on the same page.

Jacque adds that people from small communities all over the territory should be concerned about the Thebacha campus, not just those from Fort Smith.

We need to connect to the MLAs of the smaller communities because it’s the people in those communities who would come here to get a higher education, at Thebacha campus or Aurora Campus in Inuvik or whatever, and are the ones who are going to lose out on all of this.

Jacque says his petition was well received by town council, and a few members even signed themselves.

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