NWT housing issues raised at the Legislative Assembly


Dehcho MLA Michael Nadli raised concerns about after hours repair services for public housing units yesterday during the Legislative Assembly’s Spring session.

“If a furnace breaks down in the middle of the night in January and a family can’t immediately get repairs it’s downright dangerous. Families in public housing don’t have money to spare, they can’t simply pay out of pocket for urgent repairs, they can’t even undertake repairs because they are tenants not owners,” said Nadli.

The Minister responsible for the NWT Housing Corporation, Caroline Cochrane says there is a 24 hour phone line in place.

“The emergency is moved to a priority taking precedent over any other scheduled regular maintenance that we’re doing. If it’s not a priority it falls in the realm of regular maintenance, but we do provide a response within in a weeks time,” responded Cochrane.

She is also expected to table a recent housing survey today that has over 6000 responses from residents across the territory.

Land tenure is still an issue the territorial government is struggling with.

Tunedeh Wiilideh MLA Tom Beaulieu says it’s a challenge for Elders trying to stay in their homes facing high property taxes on a fixed income.

“Has there been any discussions with municipalities or lands division on how individuals can access more than just a basic amount of money in order to improve their homes by dealing with the land issue?” asked Beaulieu yesterday.

Housing Corporation Minister Caroline Cochrane says there is a new program in the works.

“We are rolling out a new program that will support communities and Aboriginal governments to be able to provide home ownership programs within their communities, in areas if they provide the land then we’ll provide the material,” she explained.

Cochrane adds they are looking at different areas to help seniors “age in place.”

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