Nova Scotia Becomes First Province to Outlaw Cat Declawing, Others May Follow Suit

Nova Scotia has become the first province in Canada to outlaw medically unnecessary cat declawing, and vets and animal activists hope other provinces and territories follow suit.

Chantelle Kuhn, a veterinary technician in Ontario, says people usually don’t understand just how painful the operation is.

People don’t actually understand what declawing is and how it’s actually like an amputation. So comparing it to human’s it would be like actually taking off up to that little knuckle you have in your hand. This is extremely painful for the cat and just extremely unnecessary.

Most people have their cats declawed to protect their furniture, but setting up designated scratching areas, routine grooming and clipping and acrylic nail covers are more humane ways to deal with this problem.

Many vet clinics across Canada have already refused to perform the procedure, so it is expected the practice will be banned in the future.

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