Northwesttel Commits Sponsorship to Arctic Winter Games

The new mascot unveiled along with speakers at the event

NorthwestTel has renewed its’ commitment to Sport North and the Arctic Winter Games, announcing a $250,000 sponsorship of the games at an event Thursday.

Paul Gillard, Northwesttel Vice President of Business Markets was joined by Minister Alfred Moses, Sport North’s Doug Rentmeister and Rob Wilkins and other members of the Arctic Winter Games Board. Paul says Northwesttel’s assistance won’t only come in the form of funding.

Referees, administration and volunteerism. We have permanent staff in both communities where the games are going to be, I’m going to be there many times personally throughout the game and we’ll try to make an impactful contribution with volunteerism.

The Minister of education, culture and employment Alfred Moses says the opportunity is not only great for the hosting communities of Fort Smith and Hay River, but for youth all across the north

It provides a lot of opportunities not only for the communities of Hay River and Fort Smith, it provides a lot of opportunity for our youth to take in the benefits from sports and put it into their own lifestyle and it gives them an opportunity in the future.

Not everyone is as optimistic about the upcoming games, as many people in the hosting communities of Hay River and Fort Smith are not happy with the organization to this point.

The South Slave Arctic Winter Games will take place from March 18 – 24, 2018.

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