No sign of snowmobiler reported missing near Behchoko

A five-hour air search yesterday has failed to turn up any sign of a man who called Mounties and told them he was lost out on the land, apparently near Behchoko.

That’s according to search and rescue officials who spoke to CKLB.  

In a news release, RCMP stated that the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association is assisting with the search and teams are canvassing the areas around Behchoko and Whati. 

Mounties state that police in Hay River received a call from a potentially lost snowmobiler just before midnight on Monday.

Police say the caller, who identified himself as 20-year-old Shawn Lafferty, was unable to provide his exact location.

RCMP state he may be from Yellowknife or possibly visiting from outside the Northwest Territories.

Due to the poor cell phone signal, police say communication was difficult.

However, Mounties say they were able to confirm that the cell phone call originated from a tower near Behchoko.

They say they are coordinating search efforts with Yellowknife, Hay River, Fort Providence, Behchoko and Whati.

It’s not clear whether the caller reported that he had broken down or was out of gas. 

Police say he may be travelling on a blue snowmobile and could be wearing a red jacket, red hat, orange mitts and an orange scarf.

Police do not want the public to start their own search.

Call RCMP if you spot him or have a cabin in the area where me may have taken shelter.

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