No government strike by the Union of Northern Workers

Todd Parsons, UNW president, stands in front of union local presidents at a news conference Tuesday
(John McFadden/CKLB photo)

A strike by almost four thousand workers against the Government of the Northwest Territories has been averted.

The GNWT employees. members of the Union of Northern Workers, were set to go on strike at 12:01 am on Monday.

The union and the government state in separate news releases that the strike was cancelled after both sides agreed to allow mediator Vince Ready to provide binding recommendations to end their contact dispute.

Both parties are to submit their outstanding issues to Ready who is to complete his report in about 30 days, according

In the meantime, Ready has imposed a media blackout until his binding recommendations are released.

The UNW states Ready commended both parties for what he called “considerable progress” made during the two days of mediation on Friday and Saturday.

However, it says some key issues remain outstanding, including general economic increases, term of the agreement, and job security issues.

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