New Sissons School in Yk to be at same site

A new public elementary school in Yellowknife is to be built on the same site as the existing J.H. Sissons School on 51A Avenue.

The school board, Yellowknife Education District No. 1 (YK1), had considered building the new school on a different part of the property.

But the territorial government’s department of Education, Culture and Employment has determined the existing site is the best possible location.

The new school is to have four more classrooms and a new gym.

Construction is to begin in August of 2020 and take two years to complete.

The full cost has yet to be determined.

YK1 has reportedly developed an accommodation plan for students to move to other YK1 schools across the city for the duration of the construction.

Education Minister Caroline Cochrane says the news that the overcrowded school will be replaced is good for all involved.

“Ecole J.H. Sissons School in Yellowknife has been a much-loved community institution for many years, but it is at the end of its useful life,” she said. “Rebuilding on the existing site will give residents a brand-new school that will meet the needs of students long into the future.”

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