N’dilo man charged with sex assaults to go on trial next May

A man from N’dilo, who was charged last year with two sexual assaults while he was out on bail for another sexual assault, will go to trial on May 27th of next year.

Peter Tsetta, 49, who had previously elected to be tried by a judge and jury, will now be tried by a judge alone.

In court Monday, Tsetta pleaded not guilty to four charges stemming from two incidents.

In May of 2017, Tsetta was charged with sexually assaulting and forcibly confining a woman in Yellowknife.

A month later Tsetta was charged with the same offences.

Both attacks are alleged to have occurred while Tsetta was out on bail.

The charges sparked outrage from several women’s advocates in the city.

They wanted to know why Tsetta was ever granted bail when he was already facing a sexual assault and forcible confinement charge.

He remains in custody.

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