Ndilo Chief Campaign quiet ahead of advance polls

Saturday's advance poll will be at the Deton'Cho board room from 10 - 5pm. (Photo Josh Campbell/CKLB)

Advanced Polls for the Chief election in Ndilo start next week.

But Elder Alice Wilfladt says it’s been a quiet campaign so far.

“Nobody’s coming around to see what’s going on. Im a little concerned because that’s how I used to see it. But now everything’s changed and that’s changing along with it,” she told CKLB on Tuesday.

Nominations closed on August 4th. Chief Ernest Betsina is seeking re-electon, and is being challenged once more by Shirley Tsetta, who lost by only one vote in 2013. Alex Beaulieu will also be on the ballot.

Wilfladt says she needs to hear the candidates plans before she will consider voting.

“It’s the person who’s running for chief, that’s supposed to be coming from house to house to tell if he or she is going to run and what they’re going to do,” added Wilfladt.

Youth near Wilfladt’s house didn’t want to speak on the record, but said they didn’t know there was an election happening.

Chief Returning Officer, Phil Moon Son says there will be an all candidates forum on Thursday for YKDFN members at the Ndilo Gym at 7pm.

The advance poll is at the Det’on Cho Boardroom from 10 am – 5pm on August 30th, 31st and September 1st and 5th.

Election Day is Wednesday September 6th, will voting at three locations: The Dettah Gym, Ndilo Gym, and Tree of Peace Friendship Centre from 10am – 8pm.

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