Mother, baby killed by grizzly bear near Yukon-NWT boundary

Valerie Theoret and her baby were killed in a Yukon bear attack Monday.

(Photo courtesy of Facebook)

A mother and her infant are dead after they were attacked by a grizzly bear in the Yukon, near the NWT boundary.

That’s according to the Yukon Coroner’s office.

According to a news release, the bodies of 37-year-old Valérie Théorêt, and her 10-month-old daughter Adele were discovered by the child’s father Monday afternoon near Einarson Lake,  about 400 kilometres northeast of Whitehorse.

The coroner states the two victims were alone at the cabin when the attack happened.

The mother was on maternity leave from her job teaching Grade 6 French immersion at Whitehorse Elementary School.

She and her partner, Gjermund Roesholt, and their daughter had been living and trapping in the area for the last three months.

Roesholt had been away from the cabin on the family’s trapline when the attack occurred.

The coroner states that he returned and was immediately charged by the bear, about 100 metres from the cabin.

Roesholt managed to shoot and kill the bear.

He reportedly then went to the cabin, where he found the bodies of his partner and child outside.

He reportedly used an emergency beacon device to call for help.

That call went to RCMP in Mayo, the closest community to the cabin.


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