Meeting with Education Minister fails to calm concerns in Fort Smith

Thebacha Campus in Fort Smith. (Aurora College)

People in Fort Smith say Monday’s meeting didnt give them any consolation for fears of losing Aurora College’s Thebacha Campus.
Retired Bison Biologist and former instructor Jack VanCamp says it was a tense gathering on Monday with ECE Minsiter Caroline Cochrane.

“Before the meeting it was like someone poked a stick in a hornets nest. There was quite a bit of concerns and I don’t think the ministers meeting diminished that,” VanCamp told CKLB listeners on Wednesday.

Sholto Douglas also was at Monday’s community meeting. He’s a Dene descendant and Metis graduate from the first Environmental Technician Program at Thebacha Campus, then called Arctic College.

Douglas says the College review has holes in it. He says the NRTP program started to get watered down when other programs were created in Iqaluit, Inuvik and Yukon.

This tweet from former MLA candidate and former Slave River Journal editor Don Jaque made the rounds on social media earlier in the week.

Douglas adds Fort Smith was the only place students could enroll in environmental studies in the North. The NRTP attracted students from all three territories, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alaska,Europe and Russia.

More meetings are expected to happen before any polytechnic institute or university comes to Yellowknife.

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