Mantla, Lafferty sentencing hearings over the next two days

It’s going to be a busy next two days at Supreme Court in Yellowknife with sentencings for two high profile cases.

On Thursday afternoon, a Gameti man is to find out how much time he must serve for second degree murder before he can apply for parole.

Kevin Mantla, 39, was found guilty in May of stabbing to death Elvis Lafferty in a Lanky Court apartment in Yellowknife in September of 2015.

He was also convicted of attempting to murder his ex-wife the same night.

She was Lafferty’s girlfriend at the time.

Second degree murder carries an automatic life sentence.

The Crown prosecutor in the case is calling for 20 years in prison before Lafferty can apply for parole while his lawyer says 15 to 17 years would be sufficient.

Mantla has indicated that he intends to appeal his conviction.

Meanwhile on Friday, a sentencing hearing is to begin for a N’dilo grandmother, convicted of eight counts of possession or narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.

Mary Anne Lafferty, 58, was convicted by a jury in September while her 79-year-old mother Vitaline Lafferty was acquitted by the same jury.

They were arrested and charged in 2016 after they drove Vitaline’s vehicle to the other side of the Alberta-NWT boundary and picked up a large shipment of drugs including cocaine destined for Yellowknife from another driver who had brought the drugs north from B.C.

RCMP knew about the courier run from phone taps and pulled the vehicle over at the Deh Cho Bridge near Fort Providence.

Similar cases in the NWT have seen the offender receive a sentence of three years in prison or more.


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