Luke Skywalker convicted of murder in Yk mock trial

Participants in a Star Wars-themed mock trial pose for a photo in Supreme Court in Yellowknife
John McFadden/CKLB News photo

Luke Skywalker has been convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for ten years.

That was the verdict in the annual mock trial held for Sir John Franklin students at the Yellowknife Courthouse on Thursday.

The event, organized by the Canadian Bar Association, the Northwest Territories Courts and the territorial government’s Department of Justice is held to mark Law Day 2018.

It is staged to show the students first-hand exactly how the justice system and the courts operate.

This year’s theme was obviously Star Wars.

Harry Potter was among those put on trial in the past as organizers try to use a theme that resonates with the students.

It was run just like any other trial in Yellowknife with a judge, Crown prosecutor, defence lawyer, court clerk and a jury made up of 12 students.

Skywalker was charged with murdering 5,999 people aboard Darth Vader’s death star vessel.

Vader himself, complete with sound effects and a mask, testified against Skywalker.

The accused, played by local lawyer Mike Reddy, testified he acted in self-defence and to ward off future attacks by Darth Vader.

However jury foreperson, Berna Horozlar, a grade ten student at Sir John says the jury rejected that defence.

“He basically had no proof that Vader was going to destroy other planets,” she said after the trial.




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