Local Business Owner Attracts Tourists

Birchwood Coffee Ko owner Jawah Bercier. Image courtesy Kristen Berkeley.

What started out as an idea, has blossomed into a successful business for Birchwood Coffee Ko owner Jawah Bercier.

When Bercier first decided to open her own coffee company she was only 24 years-old.

Three years later, Birchwood Coffee Ko in Yellowknife is gaining in popularity both with loyal regulars and attracting tourists from all over the world.

“I feel that I have been lucky enough, especially with Yellowknife growing with tourism that we have been able to do really well.”

Bercier says she never saw herself as an entrepreneur, but she decided to take a chance and open a coffee shop with the support of her father Patrick Scott.

“My father was the one who was like, if this something you really want to do and this is something you would take over and put all your effort into, I will help you do it.”


Jawah Bercier and her father Patrick Scott. Image courtesy Birchwood Coffee Ko website.

Bercier was recenly nominated and awarded with the Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneur Award, at the Arctic Indigenous Investment Conference.

“A nice surprise for sure, but I didn’t realize I was going to get an award and I was very pleased that I did.”

Bercier says the best advice she can offer to a budding entrepreneur is to always treat people with kindness.

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