Liberal HQ 

Between 35-40 people flocked into the NWT Liberal headquarters on Wednesday.

Michael McLeod is being supported by Liberals, new and old. Former Premier Stephen Kakfwi, bureaucrats off-duty and Young Liberals like Garett Cochrane are “Thinking Victory,” with Team Trudeau.

“I don’t think Floyd Roland really accomplished much as Premier, and was almost impeached for his extra-marital affair,” explains Cochrane.

He adds, “Dennis Bevington has been around for a while and people sometimes get tired of the same thing.”

Cochrane and the crowd in downtown Yellowknife are all in the Big Red Tent. A recent splash of red McLeod signs are popping up against the sea of Blue Rolland signs across the capital.

Current MP Dennis Bevington is expected to open his Orange NDP headquarters next Tuesday in Yellowknife.