Kevin Mantla murder trial continues

Photo credit Melinda Trochu


Kevin Mantla’s fingerprints were found inside a Yellowknife apartment in 2015 where a murder victim was found.
That’s according to testimony Thursday from RCMP constable Kathy Lugosi at Mantla’s murder trial going on in Supreme Court in Yellowknife.
Lugosi, a forensics identification officer, could not say however exactly when the fingerprints were left.
The 39-year old Mantla is charged with murder in the stabbing death of 37-year-old Elvis Lafferty and aggravated assault in connection with the stabbing of Lafferty’s partner, who is also Mantla’s ex-girlfriend.
The attacks happened shortly after midnight on Sept. 28, 2015 at a Lanky Court apartment.It is believed that Mantla had been in the apartment before the night of the homicide. Several family members have been in the courtroom all week including the mother of the victim , who at times, has left the court in tears.The judge alone trial is being heard by NWT Supreme Court Senior Justice Louise Charbonneau and continues Friday


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