Joe Moosenose finds bald eagle with a broken wing

Joe Moosenose from Whati, NWT says he found a injured bald eagle on Wednesday.

He was on his way home after making some dry fish at a camp.

The eagle has a broken right wing.

At first he thought it was just sitting on the shore by a lake as they were passing it while making a portage.

He realized it had a broken wing and he felt bad.

He took the eagle back to Whati, and brought it in his smoke-shack by his house, then and got a hold of Environment and Natural Resources.

ENR told him to take it back to the spot where it was found, and let nature run its course.

Joe says his not been able to return it because he doesn’t think it will survive on its own, and wants to find an organization, or veterinarian  to help mend the bird’s wing.

CKLB got in touch with Orphan Wild Life, who are in Delta, British Columbia, and they said without the territorial governments consent they can’t transport the bird to their facility.

The bird is still in Joe’s house. And he is still hopeful that someone can help him take care of the bird.