Indigenous Femcee Breaks Into Music Industry

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I have a message with my words.

First Nations femcee Kara Jade is making waves in the Toronto music industry.

Kara Jade also known as Metis Monroe says she decided to begin making music three years ago when she felt she had a story to share with others.

 I decided to pick up the mic and put down my heels.

Kara says that she likes to think of herself as “unapologetically Indigenous” and creates work that incorporates her culture and life as a First Nations woman.

One of Kara goals is to be a role model to other Indigenous women and youth that might not believe that their dreams are possible to achieve.

I never had a role model growing up. My family was distraught from residential schools. It’s nice to be able to do that and it’s really what keeps me going. I hope that I am awakening other females in all art forms to use their voice. I like to empower other Indigenous women, work with them and encourage them.

The future for Kara is bright as she plans on releasing a mixtape sometime early in the year and going on tour.

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