Hundreds fed at MP McLeod’s Yellowknife barbecue

NWT MP Michael McLeod barbecues Tuesday as he helped feed lunch to hundreds of his constituents
(John McFadden/CKLB News photo

The Member of Parliament for the Northwest Territories fed about six hundred people Tuesday as he hosted a free barbecue held at Sombe K’e Civic Plaza in Yellowknife.

Ordinary citizens including many of the city’s homeless population as well as some VIPs patiently waited in line to be served either a hot dog or a hamburder cooked by MP Michael McLeod.

He says it was a tremendous chance to hear from some of his consituents on a multitude of issues.

“It’s an opportunity for me as the MP to meet with the public and talk to people who are interested in raiasing issues or who just want to say hello or just want to meet me,” McLeod said. “It’s also an opportunity to share some food with everyone.”

McLeod says cannabis remains a hot topic in the territory with legalizatiion across Canada now just over two months away.

But he adds that affordable housing remains the number one issue that residents want to talk to him about.

McLeod is promising a housing funding announcement is the very near future but did not give an exact date for it.

He added that he has also heard a lot this summer about land claim agreements and the delicate balance of trying to provide economic prosperity while protecting the environment at the same time.

Among those in attendance for the barbecue were Dene National Chief candidate Norman Yakeleya, territorial Justice Minister Lou Sebert and Yellowknife mayoral candidate Rebecca Alty.

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