Hay River man gets eight months jail for assaulting two girls at house party

Ian Arnault from his Facebook page

A Hay River man has received an eight-month jail sentence after he pleaded guilty to assaulting two daughters of a man who was hosting a house party.

A Yellowknife court heard that Ian Arnault, 24, was on probation on December 13th of last year when he kicked a 14-year-old girl in the stomach and twisted the arm of her older sister.

Arnault, who was under court conditions to not consume alcohol, had gotten in a fist fight with the man who was hosting the party at his Hay River home after he had asked Arnault to leave.

How he got into a scrap with the man’s daughters wasn’t made entirely clear in court.

Arnault also pleaded guilty to assaulting another woman the same day in an unrelated incident.

His lawyer asked for Arnault’s sentence to be served on weekends, saying he would better learn his lesson that way.

The judge didn’t buy that argument, noting Arnault’s violent criminal record.

He also gave him 12 months probation to be served after he is released from jail.

The judge also ordered Arnault to provide a sample of his DNA for the national data bank and prohibited him from possessing a firearm for three years.

Taking into account his pre-sentence custody, Arnault will have about four months left to serve.

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