“Hay River hasn’t had a cabinet position now for about 20 years” Says Robert Bouchard.

Robert Bouchard is seeking re-election to be a member of the legislative assembly in the Hay River North riding in the upcoming Northwest Territories General Election.

If re-elected this would be Bouchard’s second time as a MLA.

Prior to being a MLA, Bouchard spent eleven years working for town council in Hay River. And says he has been interested in politics ever since he graduated from university back in the 1990’s.

Bouchard, who was born and raised in Hay River, says if re-elected will seek a cabinet position in the legislative assembly to represent Hay River.

“Hay River hasn’t had a cabinet position now for about 20 years. So we are hoping to put a Hay River, the second largest community, back in cabinet to deal with some of those issues” says Bouchard.

“Hay River is the hub of the north, we have transportation issues with the dredging, so I’d like to see transportation obviously” continues Bouchard, commenting he would also be interested in the education and health cabinet position.

Bouchard would like to see a few changes happen in the health system, “We need to work on the funding we currently have. We don’t have a lot of funding for nurse practitioners” Bouchard continues, “seeing that same person every time is an effective way for our community and our constituents to get that consistent care”.

Bouchard would also like some changes in the education system. He says Hay River has problems with the amount of money they are allowed to spend and it’s causing issues. “We’re asking to do more with less. To a point where it’s kind of suffering. We have people doing fund raising in our communities just to put supplies in the class rooms. Just over this last assembly we had a fight over Jr. kindergarten. I don’t think most people are against Jr. kindergarten, it’s the funding, we need [more] funding if we are going to add more pressure to the system” Bouchard concluded.

Bouchard is running for the MLA position with two other people in the riding for Hay River North, Karen Felker and R.J. Simpson.

Advanced polls for this riding are open from Wednesday November 11th, till Saturday November 21st during business hours at the Wright Centre, which is located at 62 Woodland Drive in Hay River.

On November 23rd, Hay River North can vote at the Don Stewart Rec Centre from 9:00am to 8:00pm.

For more information on the Northwest Territories General Election, you can visit electionsnwt.ca.

Or call them toll free at 1-844-767-9100.