GNWT introduces greater wolf hunting incentives to North Slave Region

Photo courtesy of Pixabay / skeeze

Plans for a new Wolf Harvest Incentive Area have come into effect in NWT’s North Slave Region.

Local hunters and trappers will be offered more money for harvesting wolves in the area according to a territorial government news release. They will be paid $900 per wolf carcass; $400 for a pelt prepared to traditional or taxidermy standards;  and $350 if the pelt meets the requirement of the prime fur bonus (part of the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program).

The territorial government hopes that these incentives will attract hunters and trappers, eventually leading to a decrease in wolves and an increase in barren-ground caribou.

The GNWT has been operating a wolf harvest program since 2010, but has not seen a large uptake by harvesters according to the press release. It hopes that these increased monetary rewards will give hunters and trappers greater incentive to harvest wolves in an area that sees herds of Bathurst and Bluenose-East caribou passing through.

A statement from Robert C. McLeod, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, reads: “The Government of the Northwest Territories is committed to working with co-management partners to make shared decisions that support caribou herd recovery across the North. Increasing existing incentives for wolf harvesting in the Bathurst and Bluenose-East caribou range will help to support the recovery of the declining herds while also enhancing the local traditional economy, facilitating scientific research, and creating educational opportunities for NWT students.”

For more information on how to participate in the program, visit your local Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) office or go online to

CKLB has reached out to ENR to discuss the implications of these incentives and will be updating this story soon.

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