Giant Mine project underway to contain arsenic

Giant Mine parking lot - Photo Credit Raymonde Carpenter (Year unknown)

The giant mine remediation project is in the process of permanently freezing arsenic trioxide at Giant mine.

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada hosted a public forum on Thursday, March 2nd at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre’s Museum Cafe.

Natalie Plato is the Deputy project director for the Giant Mine remediation project.

“So what we did from 2009 to 2014 was a freeze optimization study, like a pilot project where we froze one of the chambers on site. That’s where we presented the results on this study and had it finalized this year. We feel confident that we can freeze the rock around the arsenic chambers. That’s ultimately the goal of freezing all of the chambers is to keep water out and the arsenic in.” – Natalie Plato, Deputy Project Director for the Giant Mine remediation project.

The Giant Mine remediation project is also putting together a study on the health effects of arsenic. Residents from Yellowknife, N’Dilo and Dettah will be randomly selected to provide samples for testing. Deputy Project director Natalie Plato says that the samples provided will most likely be fingernails and urine. The goal is to start bringing in participants in the fall.

The Giant mine remediation project is funded by the federal government until 2020.
Plato says the project team is currently pursuing long term funding.

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