Gameti man to be sentenced for murder on Nov. 8

The family of murder victim Elvis Lafferty, including his parents at centre stop in front of the Yellowknife Courthouse in May. (John McFadden/CKLB photo)

A Gameti man will find out one week from Thursday how much time he must serve for second degree murder before he is eligible for parole.
A sentencing hearing was held in court in Yellowknife Wednesday for 39-year-old Kevin Mantla.
He was found guilty in May in the stabbing death of Elvis Lafferty in a Lanky Court in apartment in Yellowknife in September of 2015.
Second degree murder carries an automatic life sentence.
Mantla was also convicted of attempted murder on his ex-spouse the same night.
She was Lafferty’s girlfriend at the time.
After learning that his ex-partner had a new boyfriend, Mantla flew from Gameti to Yellowknife and killed Lafferty the next day.
The Crown prosecutor in the case is calling for 20 years in prison before Mantla is eligible to apply for parole, while his lawyer says 15 to 17 years would be appropriate.
Court dealt with ten victim impact statements including emotional testimonials from Lafferty’s mother Mary Jane, his father Archie and brother Gary.
Mantla has indicated that he intends to appeal his conviction.

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