Fish tissue samples wanted

Dead fish

People who catch fish in the Yellowknife area are being invited to donate fish tissue samples this summer.

According to a news release from the territorial government – the tissue samples will be used to try to determine the extent of legacy contamination including arsenic from former mining activities in the area.

A study will look at potential exposure risks to people who have cabins and who also hunt, fish and camp in the area.

The government wants tissues samples from fish caught in Walsh, Banting, Prosperous, Prelude, River, Pontoon, Madeline, Ryan and Landing Lakes, along with any other inland lakes used by local residents for fishing.

They are not currently looking for fish from Great Slave Lake.

Information on how to collect and return samples can be found wherever you buy your fishing licences in Yellowknife and online at

Samples will be accepted until July 16th.

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