Elanik manslaughter sentencing to begin in Aklavik

May Elanik and Frank Elanik Jr. are together in this undated Facebook photo

An Aklavik man is to be in court in Aklavik Monday to begin a sentencing hearing for manslaughter in a very sad and disturbing case.
Frank Elanik Jr. was originally charged with murder in the death of his long-time partner May Elanik.
But this past summer a plea deal was struck that saw Elanik Jr. plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter in the beating death of May in November of 2015.
Her body was found on a snowmobile trail at the edge of the community.
She died later in hospital in Edmonton.
They had been at a party together shortly before the attack.
Elanik had been convicted three previous times for assaulting his wife.
The latest came in January of 2016 when he pleaded guilty to an assault on her that occurred before the fatal attack.
Elanik had been under a court order not to have contact with her without her permission at the time she was killed.
The couple had been together for almost 20 years and had five children together.
In Canada, manslaughter carries an automatic life sentence with no set minimum amount of years that must be served in custody before parole can be applied for.




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