Downed sacred tree to be moved Tuesday

The sacred tree near the YKDFN site on the Yellowknife River was toppled by high winds in August

The sacred tree near the Yellowknives Dene First Nation Wiiliideh Site along the Yellowknife River that was toppled by a wind storm last month is to be moved Tuesday.

According to an advisory from the YKDFN, the procedure is to begin at noon when the tree will be taken from one side of the river over to the cultural site on the other side of the river.

The move was initially set for 9am but was pushed three hours later.

Officials say they wanted to get this done sooner rather that later – before snow fall.

There will be a ceremony at the Wiiliideh Site for the move but the public is advised that people need to be aware of safety around the heavy equipment.

All pre-cautionary measures will be taken.

The public should be prepared to be stopped, directed and to watch out for others during the move.

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