Dead Fish Found On North Arm Campground

Dead fish found at North Arm Campsite. Image courtesy Marie-Rose Blackduck.

Several dead fish have been found on the grounds of North Arm campsite.

CKLB reporter Marie-Rose Blackduck discovered 15 dead pickerel on the campgrounds and along the shoreline of Great Slave Lake this Sunday.

Blackduck says there were more fish on the ground that she was unable to count, but were seen by others.

“My sister went to the other side where I couldn’t see and said there were more over there, but I was worried about bears coming close to us because it was just the three of us there at the campground. So I told them that we had to leave.”

All of the fish discovered were fully intact.

Dead fish floating in water. Image courtesy Marie-Rose Blackduck.

CKLB contacted the the North Slave Department of Environment and Natural Resources Monday and were told that they cannot confirm whether the fish are contaminated until tests have been conducted.

Updated: An officer visited the site and stated that there were no dead fish found to test at the North Arm campsite.

However, several witnesses have indicated that they have also been able to obtain photos of the dead fish.


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