Dark Sky Festival Kicks Off In Wood Buffalo Park

Credit to Wilderness Astronomy

Dark Sky festival in Wood Buffalo Park kicked off it’s 6th annual edition last night.

The event began with a casual social at the Wood Buffalo museum, and for the first time a tour of the astronomical society’s observatory was given to the public.

Organizers expect there to be a little over 150 people on site for the sold out event, with participants coming from the North, elsewhere in Canada and even some international star gazers. This year will be the biggest Dark Sky festival yet in Wood Buffalo Park, but it is dwarfed in comparison to other festivals in Canada.

Dark Sky Coordinator Mike Couvrette says the smaller size of the festival actually works in the favour of those who attend.

You get to listen to a speaker way up on stage somewhere, whereas here we’re sitting around a campfire chatting with them. It’s just the quality and the intimacy of the smaller festival.

Participants will likely get the chance to clearly view the northern lights, learn about space and will get two meals provided as part of the weekend.

Though it won’t be during the festival, the Wood Buffalo Astronomical Society will also allow people the chance to see Monday’s solar eclipse with proper equipment. Those who want to watch the solar eclipse are reminded to take the proper precautions, as it can be damaging to the naked eye.

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