Crown to oppose bail for Yk man who skipped out on sex assault trial

A Yellowknife man who skipped out on his sexual assault trial late last month is now also charged with failure to attend court.

Alden Lennie, 35, who remains in custody, appeared in court Friday but gave no indication why he absconded from his trial or where he went.

He turned himself in to RCMP at the Yellowknife detachment on February 8th.

In fact, we may never know why he skipped court.

It will all depend on whether Lennie tries to get another jury trial.

A 12-member jury had been selected on the first day of his trial but when jury members were to begin hearing evidence the next day, Lennie was a no-show.

The jury was eventually dismissed and a mistrial was declared.

Because he did not show up for court, the judge said he may have forfeited his right to a jury trial.

That will be part of the discussion at a hearing scheduled for Supreme Court on Monday.

If Lennie still wants a jury trial then he is going to have to tell the judge why he skipped out on his original trial.

A bail hearing may follow that but the Crown prosecutor in the case has made it clear he will oppose any release plan for Lennie.

He was free on bail at the time his trial started.

Lennie was charged in the summer of 2017 with a serious sexual assault that had allegedly taken place in Yellowknife two years earlier.

He was released on bail the same day he was charged.

The Crown alleges that Lennie sexually assaulted the adult victim while she was sleeping at a Yellowknife residence.

It is not clear why it took Mounties more than two years to lay the charge.

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