Communities In Sahtu Region Improve Land Cultivation With New Tractors

Three communities in the Sahtu region have been benefiting from using new tractors funded by the Canadian Government to cultivate their land this season.

The Department of ITI have announced that the three tractors provided to Norman Wells, Tulita and Colville Lake earlier this year have made a tremendous difference for the communities.

Loren Coutts, Agriculture and Commercial Food Development Analyst and Officer at the Department of ITI says the tractors provided to the communities have improved field production and efficiency.

I think it’s a pretty exciting time for those communities, because they’re taking a step up from what they have been working with the last few years.  It gives them opportunity to significantly increase their production in the community.

The tractors were provided by the Growing Forward 2 program through the Canadian Government. It has since been replaced by the Canadian Agriculture Partnership.

Under this new partnership, nearly 6 million dollars will be invested into the area of agriculture.

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