McFadden wins national and provincial journalism awards

CKLB News reporter John McFadden has recently won some awards for his previous work at Nunavut News North.


He captured a total of five top-three awards including: First in Ontario and second in Canada for environmental writing,

second place in Canada for business writing,

second in Ontario for news story for a circulation of under 10,000 readers,

and third place in Ontario for front page.


“Strongly written and well researched,” wrote judge Jim Mosher, while OCNA judge Lily Ryan calls John’s work “capturing the emotion, triumph and frustration of Clyde River,” the Inuit community who won a Supreme Court challenge for seismic testing.

McFadden speaking to reporters after charges were dropped against him for photographing police searching a van on 49th street.

He made national headlines in 2016 when he was arrested and charged with obstructing a police officer and inciting a crowd, charges which were later dropped.

Congratulations John on your awards.

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Josh Campbell
Campbell is back as the host of the new CKLB Morning show the Breakfast Club. Before moving north in 2007, he graduated from Loyalist College's Broadcast Journalism Program.

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