Chiefs Debate Changes to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Commission

Commissioners Brian Eyolfson, Qajaq Robinson, Justice Dominique Goulet and Commissioners Marion Buller, Michèle Michele Audette et Marilyn Poitras - Photo courtesy of the MMIWG Inquiry

Manitoba chiefs are debating whether to call for the resignation of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls’ commissioners.

If it passes, the AFN’s leadership will be forced to call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to replace the four remaining commissioners.

The inquiry has faced stark criticism since it began.

Terry Villeneuve is a member of the AFN’s women’s committee and she says the inquiry should have more focus on involving those who new the victims.

“I think the commissioners need to work closer with the grassroots people and the families in the communities. Because they’re the ones who know what is needed, because they are living with the experience of missing and murdered loved ones. I think that’s where it starts and that’s where it should have started in the first place.”

Families and other critics have accused the commission of not doing enough to communicate their work.

The commission has also announced it will begin closely reviewing conduct of police officers.

The lack of accountability for officers has also been criticized in the past.

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