Cannabis Meeting In Yellowknife

MP Michael McLeod and Parliamentary Secretary Bill Blair field questions pertaining to cannabis

The city of Yellowknife welcomed Trudeau’s point person on cannabis legislation Wednesday night, former Toronto police commissioner Bill Blair.

In the open forum meeting at the Elks Lodge, many questions pertained to distribution of cannabis, which will be controlled by the territorial government. At this time, a lot of those questions remain unanswered as the GNWT ponders how the drug will be implemented.

One of the most controversial topics is road testing for marijuana use, of which Bill Blair says his opinion has never wavered.

Perhaps this is just the cop in me, but I prefer zero tolerance for both substances. I want everyone on the road to be safe. I’ve been to too many accidents, knocked on too many doors to tell grieving families their child has been killed. I don’t want anyone else to have to do that again.

Many residents had concerns involving how this drug would be controlled in a way that keeps their children safe and how youth would be properly educated about the risks and benefits of cannabis. Others had questions about the legal implications, and there was a question about how this legislation would effect the Dene people specifically.

Those in attendance included Justice Minister Louis Sebert, who will have a significant role once the drug is legalized.

Cannabis will officially be legal in Canada as of July 1st.

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