Canadian Mosaic Seen Around Yellowknife

Tim and his dog in front of a section of his Canadian Mosaic

An interesting and hard to miss art installation is in Yellowknife for the next four weeks.

Tim Van Horn is a Red Deer native who has been working on the Canadian Mosaic project since 2008, traveling around Canada and taking photos of literally any Canadian he bumps into on the street that’s willing to be photographed.

Originally a solo project in Alberta, and then intended to be unveiled at the Vancouver Olympics, the Canadian Mosaic has since grown into the largest photography project in Canada and was revealed for last year’s Canada 150.

Tim says in his ten years working on this project, he has learned a lot about Canada, and has also seen how easy it is to keep Canada as a kind and welcoming country.

Make a difference in your local community by just waving or smiling or being welcoming to a complete stranger. And in doing so, you might make a new friend, and it fills you up with love.

Tim’s travels have taken him all over Canada and resulted in over 60,000 unique photographs of Canadians.

He’s become completely devoted to this project, and says he’s had to sacrifice a normal life to be able to give it his all. His only constant companion has been his dog Scout recently.

Tim will be around Yellowknife and parking his RV on the ice for the next four weeks before embarking on another journey in his RV to display the mosaic.

He encourages anyone interested who spots the RV on the ice or the streets of Yellowknife to come say hello and check out the art.

Check out the full interview with Tim below!

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