Arrest warrant issued for Yk man who failed to appear for sex assault trial

Yellowknife Courthouse

A mistrial has been declared and an arrest warrant has been issued after a Yellowknife man failed to appear for the second day of his sexual assault trial.

Alden Lennie, 35, was in court Monday when a 12 member jury was selected for his trial.

But when the trial was to resume Tuesday, Lennie was a no-show.

The Crown prosecutor told the court Wednesday that despite an exhaustive search for Lennie by RCMP he could not be located.

It is expected he’ll eventually be charged with failing to appear in court and have his bail revoked.

The Crown prosecutor added that if Lennie is apprehended he will oppose bail for him under any and all circumstances.

Lennie was charged in the summer of 2017 with a serious sexual assault that had allegedly taken place two years earlier.

He was released on bail the same day he was charged.

The Crown alleges that Lennie sexually assaulted the adult victim while she was sleeping at a Yellowknife residence.

it is not clear why it took Mounties more than two years to lay the charge.

Because a jury had already been chosen, there was a publication ban on reporting that Lennie had failed to show for court.

The judge felt that if jury members had heard through the media that Lennie had skipped out on court it could have prejudiced them.

They had not been sequestered and were excused from jury duty Wednesday morning by the judge who told them what had happened.

The publication ban was also lifted Wednesday morning.

The judge also raised the possibility that Lennie may have forfeited his right to a jury trial because he absconded, but added that will depend upon Lennie’s excuse as to why he did not come to court.

Lennie’s lawyer was also granted his request to remove himself as Lennie’s lawyer.

Where the case goes next will depend upon when and if Lennie is located.

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