Ft. Prov man sentenced for assaults, mischief, obstruction

John Minoza from his Facebook page

A Fort Providence man has been sentenced to just under one year in jail after he pleaded guilty to assaulting four different people as well as fleeing from police and smashing a large flat screen TV.

31-year-old John Minoza was convicted of the offences in a Yellowknife courtroom on Tuesday.

Court heard that he got into a fight with a man at the victim’s Fort Providence residence last December.

Minoza bloodied the man’s nose with a punch and then threw a beer bottle at the man’s 39 inch flat screen damaging it on his way out the door.

He was arrested for those offences in February and then released.

He was on a court order not to drink alcohol when RCMP went to a residence in April of this year.

Court heard an intoxicated Minoza fled the scene on foot and was taunting RCMP before they eventually caught up with him and arrested him.

He was released from custody but later that month, Minoza was found intoxicated along a road and the community and was again arrested.

He got out of jail and then in May he was arrested again after he punched three different men.

One of those victims required stitches to close his wounds.

Minoza was arrested inside a residence and has been in custody ever since.

His lawyer told the judge that Minoza has little memory of the incidents but is committed to turning his life around after the birth of his son about three months ago.

Taking into account his pre-trial custody, Minoza will have just over six months left to serve.

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