South Slave Divisional Education Council wins INDspire Award

This past weekend the South Slave Divisional Education Council received won the Indigenous Organization Award presented by Indspire, the largest funder of Indigenous education outside the Federal Government.

The award is said to be the most prestigious award given to an education body in Canada and was part of the 2016 Guiding the Journey: Indigenous Educator Awards held in Toronto.

The award recognizes the achievements of outstanding educators of Indigenous students and winners are based on innovative teaching practices, cultural teachings in the curriculum and how well they help Indigenous students reach their full potential.

The SSDEC was recognized for their commitment to improving literacy and strengthening endangered Aboriginal languages, publishing over 280 books in 12 languages, mostly literature and resources in Cree, Chipewyan and Slavey.

CKLB spoke with Curtis Brown, the Superintendent of the SSDEC and one of the people who attended the ceremony in Toronto. He told us about the work that went in to the SSDEC and what its like to be recognized for their achievements.

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