25 year old sentenced after May 2017 sexual assault

(Josh Campbell CKLB photo)

A Yellowknife man, whose sexual assault victim was thrown in jail by RCMP instead of hospitalized, has been sentenced to two years less a day in custody.

25-year-old Wade Kapakatoak received the sentence from Judge Garth Malakoe in territorial court in Yellowknife yesterday.

The incident occurred in May of 2017 in a lane way behind the Capitol Theatre in Yellowknife.

Much of the attack was captured a by closed-circuit video camera.

Kapakatoak pleaded guilty to a single charge of sexual assault on the day his trial was to begin last summer.

It was then learned that the victim a 57-year-old Indigenous woman was not taken to hospital but, rather arrested and jailed for public intoxication.

In sentencing Kapakatoak, Judge Malakoe accepted a plea deal, a joint submission from the Crown prosecutor and Kapakatoak’s defence lawyer.

In an email statement yesterday – RCMP said that a review of this file has been completed.

Mounties say as a result of the file review, no disciplinary measures were taken.

However, they say areas for improvement were identified.

They add that If a person is under the influence, or the police have a concern for their safety and ability to care for themselves, the options are limited.

While it is not the best solution, police say the cell environment is sometimes the only option available in the circumstances.

Taking into account his pre-trial custody Kapakatoak will have just over one year and one month left to serve.

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