2 confirmed cases of rabies in dogs in Tuktoyaktuk

(Photo retrieved from Wikimedia Commons)

Two dogs in Tuktoyaktuk are confirmed to have rabies, and one more is presumed positive and waiting for a confirmation test.

“With rabies being found in dogs and foxes in and around Tuktoyaktuk, you are also at risk of being exposed to this fatal disease if you are bitten or scratched or in contact with foxes or dogs in the community,” reads an advisory from the office of the chief environmental health officer.

It adds that any residents that have been bitten, licked or scratch by the dogs or foxes should contact the Rosie Ovayuak Health Centre and report the incident.

This is the second confirmed case of rabies in the community this month.

The advisory says symptoms of rabies can vary widely, from being aggressive and excessive drooling, to fearful and moving strangely.

Residents whose dog is showing signs of rabies or has been attacked by a fox should contact local Environment and Natural Resoucres officers.

Earlier this week, there was a rabies vaccination clinic in the community members could learn to perform vaccinations.

The advisory says residents interested in becoming a “lay vaccinator” should contact environmental_health@gov.nt.ca or the territorial vet at WildlifeVeterinarian@gov.nt.ca.