Indigenous creator highlight: Kaleb Brost

Kaleb Brost, 18, from Yellowknife is an artist. (Photo courtesy of Kaleb Brost)

Kaleb Brost, 18, is on his journey of creating music. From Yellowknife, Brost uses music as an outlet for his emotions. 

“You can express yourself in so many different ways and give off so many different vibes to a point where people could relate, get your word out. And for me, I have a lot of stuff on my mind every single day… I like music because it allows me to communicate and feel what I’m feeling in a sense,” says Brost.

He finds inspiration from his favourite artists such as J. Cole and Drake. In J. Cole’s music, there is truth and raw emotion, and that’s exactly what Brost looks for.

“He talks about real things that happen, right? … He could just project his energy,” says Brost. “It kind of inspires me to the point where I want to be like him, I want to give my energy to other people to the point where they can feel it through the screen.”

For Brost, he grew up in a place “where he didn’t see light at the end of the tunnel”. Helping others is what helped him in overcoming that, a message he wants to spread. 

“To get my word out and let people know that they’re not alone.”

On his future projects, he talks about his family and the obstacles they’ve pushed through. The title of his EP, ‘Destined Dreams Awaits’ also dives into his own dreams. 

“When you know something’s for you, you just want to keep going at it. And that’s what I feel with music. So I feel like if I go on full time, I could have a chance if I really stick to myself and keep going with how I’m going.” 

His music can be found on SoundCloud.