Nadine Delorme-Simon says ‘status quo has go to go’ for Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh seat

(Photo courtesy of Nadine Delorme)

Nadine Delorme-Simon is one of six candidates running for the seat of Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh.

Delorme-Simon joins, former MLA Steve Norn, Ernest Betsina, Richard Edjericon, Mary Rose Sundberg and Clinton Unka in the running.

CKLB spoke with Delorme-Simon on her vision for the role if elected.

Why are you running for the seat of Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh?

The status quo has got to go. That’s my campaign slogan.

There are just so many obstacles that are deterring access to programs for one too many people in the NWT right now.

I’ve witnessed many things in my community and heard from others over the years that there’s a barrier. If there’s a way that I can help people navigate the system better than what’s been happening up until this point, then I put my name on the ballot.

What are some of your biggest priorities assuming you take the seat?

Housing, child welfare, employment, land claims, the Thaidene Nëné park and any other issues that constituents want to share with me that they feel should be a priority.

Child welfare is my main focus other than housing.

How exactly do you plan on addressing those issues?

I will be sharing information on what the 60 scoop is, what some of the acts in Canada and the NWT  are that helped create the residential school system, what it is that we can do now? to make sure it never happens again.

I’ve noticed from the 19th Legislative Assembly that there’s an openness to this conversation and I’m hoping to be able to run that conversation.

What are your feelings on Steve Norn running for this position again?

Good luck, Mr. Norn. It’s a democracy.

He ended up teaching me more than he could imagine.

I’m actually very grateful to him for teaching me about the rule of law and how it works in the NWT in a more open and obvious way.

The election will be exclusively handled by mail-in-ballot, with ballots due Feb.

The interview has been edited for clarity. 

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