Aboriginal Sports Circle NWT are giving away Introductory Equipment Kits

Aboriginal Sports Circle NWT. (Photo courtesy of Aboriginal Sports Circle NWT)

The Aboriginal Sports Circle NWT (ASC) is giving away Northern and Dene games introductory equipment kits.  

The deadline to apply for a kit is Jan. 7 and this is the only time it’ll be available to apply.  

Shawna McLeod, the Community Development Manager spoke to us about the kits.

Due to COVID-19, ASC is unable to visit communities to provide access to these games, so it decided to create kits to send to out. 

“We have been getting a lot of requests from communities, nonprofits, clubs, tons of different organizations that wanted to rent or borrow kits, so that they can do their own programming,” said Shawna McLeod, ASC’s community development manager. “We realized and recognized that there was a need to develop these sports further. So because of COVID, we decided we needed to think outside of the box a little bit.”

The kits are for communal use rather than individual use. McLeod says ASC will have to be selective since they only have about 20 kits to give away. 

With the kits, McLeod hopes that “communities will begin their own programming” and use the kits as much as possible. 

“We hope that people begin to recognize that we are the TSO, so that stands for Territorial Sport Organization for Northern and Dene games and that they can come to us with whatever support they need.”

If groups missed the deadline to apply for the Dene games kits, ASC is looking into doing something similar with archery equipment. You can follow ASC for updates regarding that.