Tulita receives funding for 8 new modular homes

A photo of a Tulita street in 2006. (Photo courtesy of mattcatpurple via Wikimedia Commons).

The Hamlet of Tulita is receiving $4.9 million from the federal government to build eight new modular homes in the community.

The funding comes from a $60 million “carve-out” that was granted to the Northwest Territories from the National Housing Co-Investment Fund from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Of that funding, $34.9 million is set aside for housing projects from Indigenous governments and organizations, such as this project in Tulita.

“There is an issue for housing in Tulita,” said Douglas Yallee, mayor of Tulita.

“In my community here there are too many people living in one house.”

Yallee said some members of the community could be waiting between two to five years for public housing.

Tom Seltzer, interim senior administrative officer for Tulita, said this is an exciting initiative for the community.

Two fourplexes are currently planned for the community with each unit having enough space to house two adults and child or third adult. This would mean new accommodations for as many as 16 people in the community, which Seltzer said is much needed.

Six of the new units will be going towards Elders and others in need while two are specifically designated for vulnerable persons in need, according to a federal press release.

“Building quality affordable homes is a priority for the Territories,” said NWT MP Michael McLeod.

“This is something I have heard consistently here in our Northern communities and with our Indigenous partners”

Housing Minister. Paulie Chinna, who is also the Sahtú MLA, said she is excited for the community and looks forward to addressing core housing needs in the territory.

The Northwest Territories Housing Corporation will be using $25.5 million of the National Housing Co-Investment funding to construct 60 affordable units in 16 remote communities.

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